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Performing Inspections with Passion and Precision!

Crawford Parrish, the owner and sole inspector of Parrish Home Inspection, believes his company should be fully associated with excellent home inspections. By giving the company his own name, he aims to show his customers that he fully dedicates himself to their satisfaction with his devoted inspections and thorough reports. Crawford has built his company on tenants of professionalism, customer care, and a commitment to quality inspections. Parrish Home Inspection is genuinely vested in your satisfaction with the home inspection process and the information you receive from your detailed inspection report.

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Helping Customers through Education and Commitment

The home-buying process can be both complicated and stressful. Parrish Home Inspection seeks to alleviate that stress, by both guiding and educating clients during the inspection. Many Home Inspectors are there simply to complete the inspection for the sake of a real estate transaction, Crawford only takes on one client at a time in order to dedicate his time to their home buying journey and total satisfaction.

Not only does he put all of his effort into his inspections and reports, but he also strives to pass on as much of his knowledge to his clients. His clients will not only receive exceptional service but can expect to leave with a better understanding of their home and the inspection process.

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Custom Reports Completed and Returned within 24 hours for Every Inspection

Every home is different, just like every home inspection should be. At Parrish Home Inspection, every client will receive a custom report written by Crawford Parrish himself. He doesn’t rely on recycled comments and graphics but instead chooses to spend extra time on each individual report to ensure he is providing the best possible value for his customers.

Create Request List Feature

Parrish Home Inspection provides the Create Request List (CRL) feature for easy access to create a list of requests. Making negotiating even easier by having the ability to work on your lists from anywhere at any time. Once you have completed your list, it can be added to the standard repair addendum by you or your real estate agent to ease the negotiating process.

Personable Customer Care

You can expect exceptional customer care and service while working with Parrish Home Inspection. Every client should feel encouraged to attend the in-person walkthrough to get a better understanding of their potential property and better educate themselves on what exactly to look for.

After the Inspection, your custom report will be completed and returned within 24 hours. For additional convenience, we offer online payments for all of our services. Feel free to call at any time after the inspection with any additional questions or concerns.

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Area of Operation

Parrish Home Inspection operates in Tennessee, North Georgia, Chattanooga and the surrounding areas.

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Home inspections starting at $350. Contact us with any further questions or to schedule an appointment!

Parrish Home Inspection offers a 10% discount to active duty and veterans of US Armed Forces.